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Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs)

We primarily serve Langley, Surrey, and Abbotsford in British Columbia, as well as US and international clients, looking to do business in Canada.

Who are we?

We look at the “big picture” which helps our clients to save on corporate taxes and other government charges.

Who do we work for?

Our clients are primarily manufacturing and distribution companies located in western Canada.

Canadian newsletters

Our Canadian FAQ newsletters answer corporate tax questions for business owners.

International newsletters

Our International FAQ newsletters focuses on international tax issues for corporations doing business across borders.

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COVID 19 – social distancing measures at Gilmour Group CPA

During this trying time, we have reduced our contact with people to reduce the risk of transmission of the disease. Our bricks and mortar office is closed. We are taking appointments electronically. Paperwork can be scanned and sent to us securely or dropped physically at a dropbox outside our office door from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, and 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. on Friday. If the box is not there, do not leave your records outside our office.

Here is our guide on electronic communications tools.

We will probably be slower than normal responding to emails and messages as we are using remote tools.

Warm Regards (just not touching),
Grant Gilmour, B.Sc., MBA, CPA Canada, CA, CPA USA

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Chartered Professional Accountants

Are you looking for an Chartered Professional Accountant in western Canada?

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Who We Are

We are local Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) who primarily serve Langley, Surrey, and Abbotsford in British Columbia, and Calgary in Alberta.

GGCPA has been in business over 20 years with a firm mandate to go “Beyond the Basics” ® and “Beyond Borders”.

We believe that excellent service is the goal and that service means stretching our minds and skills to solve your business and tax issues.
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What We Do

We help our clients to save on corporate taxes and other government charges. It can be shortsighted to try to save tax today when a "big picture view" can save future taxes and other government charges such as CPP and WCB.

Equally as important as good planning is good execution. Setting up your systems to manage your tax always reduces overall taxes, penalties and other tax surprises.

Corporate Income Tax is our specialty. The biggest opportunities to save corporate taxes are in 1) smart structures, 2) income splitting, and 3) avoiding double taxation, especially in international transactions.
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Who We Work For

Our clients are primarily manufacturing and distribution companies located in and near Metro Vancouver. We have a special interest in, and do, Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) claims for our clients.

Our firm also has a division specializing in International tax, which includes Canadian companies expanding into foreign markets and foreign companies expanding into Canada. We belong to Integra International, a worldwide association of accountants.

We have been in business since 1994. Our founder, Grant Gilmour, CPA, CA, drives this practice and helps our clients to grow and stretch themselves.
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Services We Offer

  • International Tax

    Our clients are importers and exporters. We serve Canadian Businesses that are selling to the world. Most progressive Canadian Businesses will discover that there is a world out there waiting for their products and services. They will face challenges in new markets. We are there to help them navigate the tax rules and minimize tax and the related paperwork.
  • Tax Strategies

    If it is too good to be true it often is. As a general rule we do not encourage our clients to pursue aggressive tax strategies. Many of them are tenuous at best.
  • Corporate Tax Preparation

    Our team is focused on Corporate Tax Advice. This means that we work primarily with business owners. There are some common things that all businesses in Canada must do annually. Here are some links to commonly requested forms at CRA.

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FAQ for Tax Savvy Clients

Commercial real estate

Canadian FAQ #339 – GST on Commercial Real Estate

How is the Goods and Services Tax (GST) applied to commercial real estate?
Fishing expenses

Can We Go Fishing and Deduct our Fishing Expenses?

The same sub section we discussed last week that denied deduction of golf 18(1) (l) also applies to "lodges". This includes fishing lodges. Take...

International FAQ #67 – What is a T1134 Information Return Relating to Foreign Affiliates?

If a Canadian corporation or individual has an interest in a foreign affiliate, whether controlled or not, it will need to complete a T1134...

International FAQ #66 – What is a T106? Non-Arm’s Length Transactions with Non-Residents

A T106 is an annual information return where a corporation reports its non–arm’s length activities with non-residents. Non-arm’s length...
Foreign currency

Canadian FAQ #338 – Realized vs. Unrealized Gains and Losses

What is the difference between realized vs. unrealized gains and losses on foreign exchange?
Taxes to Government

When you Pay Income Taxes, Does it all Go to the Federal Government?

No, most of the time. In Canada the Federal Government and Provincial governments have unified income tax payments in most of the provinces.

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